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The DIY line consists of gas items, versatile and practical for heating, welding, shelling, pickling, stripping and many other uses.
The products are fed through disposable gas cartridges to drill holes or tubes.

The products comply with DIN EN ISO 9012 – approved by the German certification body DVGW GmbH. Individually tested during production, they guarantee 100% safety and reliability.


Types and kits for every need or process

Our products

Saldatori a gas per cartucce usa e getta

Gas welders for disposable cartridges

Soldering iron kit in case

Soldering iron kit in case

Gas welders for tube cartridges

Gas welders for tube cartridges

Mapp Gas

Mapp Gas

Areas of use for DIY products

Weld – Braze.

The DIY torch line is suitable for jobs such as brazing and brazing balance sweet and strong. The products are suitable both for low temperature machining for tin alloys in order to significantly reduce the melting time, and for strong brazing, where they exceed 450 ºC with alloys containing silver, copper, gold, nickel or brass.

Defrost – Peel

Welding torches are widely used for shelling roads and urban areas. the product is very useful in terms of time reduction, and ensures greater safety in the performance of work

Warm – Sterilize

Gas welders can be used to heat metal objects to make them hot and at the same time sterilize high temperature materials.

Strip – Pickling

Gas soldering irons for pickling and stripping can be used to remove oxides and weld impurities, carefully washing the welded material to ensure a high quality finish.

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