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The burner torches can be used for bio-weeding, an effective and ecological method to clean urban areas of wild herbs and weeds, totally excluding chemical products, in this way no harmful substances are released to the soil, the atmosphere and the waters.

Reliable products in compliance with DIN EN ISO 9012 – approved by the German certification body DVGW GmbH. Individually tested during production, they guarantee 100% safety and reliability.

Products dedicated to weeding

Kit bombola cannello con accensione piezo elettrica

Kit with electric piezo ignition

Kit cannello a più teste e bombola con accensione piezo elettrica

Kit with multi heads torches

Areas of use of weeding products

Idealgas Company - Weeding urban areas

Urban areas

The bio-weeding carried out with the burner torches can be used in urban areas in particular at the base of the walls or between the joints of the external flooring.

Idealgas Company - products for the weeding of agricultural residential areas


The pyro weeding, agronomic technique very important in agriculture, consists in using the physical principle of heat to devitalize the plant tissues of weeds. A programmed system of weeding allows to avoid infestations and a greater control of the crops.

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