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Professional range

Professional roofing tools to lay the bituminous membranes, welding and soldering torches, de-icing and snow-melting tools, sterilizing and heating torches, weeds burning tools. Reliable tools, 100% MADE IN ITALY, produced in conformity with CE norms and individually tested.

DIY range

Soldering, welding, de-icing, paint removing blowtorches, powered by disposable gas cartridges or with on-off valve cartridges. Available with piezo electric ignition. Individually tested and certificate DVGW.

Camping range

Lanterns and stoves for leisure time individually tested and CE certificated. They are practical and simple by using, powered by disposable gas cartridges, with on-off valve cartridges or alternatively by 1, 2, 3 and 5 kg gas cylinders.

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